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Celebrate with us the 10 Anniversary of Conversations ‘Bout the Girls, a fresh, inspiring performance piece about the relationship women have with their breasts. It brings into view the mysterious, sometimes misunderstood, and often controversial realm of women’s bodies and body images. A representation of the next phase of women’s stories, Conversations ‘Bout the Girlshas the ability to transform lives through laughter, tears and understanding. From hilarious to heartbreaking, “Conversations” stories are touching, embarrassing and moving experiences such as “My First Bra”, “What Do I Say?”, “One Step at a Time”, “The Ladies Room” and “The Lump”. The reflective dialogues and monologues reveal an important message that brings a greater appreciation ­ among men and women ­ of what it is to be a woman. This amazing play, Conversations ‘Bout The Girls, written and directed by Sonia Jackson is performed by an array of beautiful women, Arely Araniva, Lynndi Scott, Debbie Carriger, Noemi Torres, Jaelyn Jones, Rosie DeCandia, Kay Ewing Donato and Valerie Frugé, with whom we can all identify, returns to its birth city, West Hollywood. Sponsored in part by the City of West Hollywood Women’s Advisor Board, we are pleased that a portion of the production’s income will provide support to a deserving young lady through the West Hollywood Youth Scholarship Fund. Q & A to follow with cast & writer. Tell your girlfriends and the friends of your Girls! You won’t want to miss it!

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