Conversations ‘Bout The Girls

An engaging blend of women’s stories about the transformation from little girls into young ladies and then into women. The play is about women’s relationship with their breasts and how that relationship is influenced by the world around her.

Throughout history, breasts have always attracted attention – wanted or unwanted – and the messages women receive about their breasts are conflicted. We’re told that our shape and size, and how much we choose to show or cover-up, makes us beautiful or shameful, nurturing or sexualized. This show removes outside perceptions and brings to light the true conflicts and wonder that comes with the feminine experience of having breasts.

Sonia Jackson

The Show

Conversations ‘Bout the Girls was written by Sonia Jackson who, through laughter and storytelling, evokes insight and clarity so that audiences see the unfoldment of possibilities as never before. She is passionate about creating and performing original, fun, inspirational edutainment pieces.


I'm Here for You!

Presentation of this play makes a wonderful event or fundraiser for any organization, whether it's men interested in better understanding the women in their life, mothers, wives or daughters or women's organizations that support issues that are unique to women. If you're interested contact us.