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“My beloved and I went to Agape last night for a staged reading of _DSC0041choir member Sonia Jackson’s play Conversation ‘Bout the Girls, which is about women’s breasts. Breasts during puberty, breasts as sexual pleasure receptors (and givers), breasts as baby feeders, breasts as attention grabbers, breasts as sources of pride or shame, breasts as cancer receptacles, breasts both natural and man-made. The piece was superb — by turns hilarious, reflective and sad, but at all times tremendously insightful. Kudos also to the cast, which featured, among others, choir members Jaelyn Jones, Annie O’Neil and Valerie Chevaughn Frugé — y’all did a GREAT job! Feeling so blessed to be part of such a CREATIVELY BRILLIANT spiritual community.” ♥ Jan Zahler Zoochie

sj-213_pe“Simply put, it was extremely informative to me (56 year old African American male) as well as being very entertaining. Your ‘super talented’ cast did an outstanding job, sharing each of their stories from ‘behind the breast’….different ages, stages, walks of life, obtaining them as well as losing them…how they change women`s lives in both cases.
“Most boys/men I know only view them ‘sexual assets’, if you will, but your production showed me a completely different, eye opening, thought provoking perspective, which I will never forget.  Which I will pass on to my 18 year old son, as well as my ‘brothas’.  I could go on and on, but I won’t.  I hope and pray that the ‘house’ is packed for your remaining performances.  Keep doing what you`re doing, entertaining, empowering, informing everyone who sees and hears Conversations ‘Bout the Girls.” ♥ Bobby Wood

“Enjoyed your piece this past week. For a subject that you would Lydia's Painthink would not appeal to men, it was written with humor, insight, compassion and diversity.” ♥ Isaiah McGee

“A most delightful and entertaining play with very moving moments performed exceptionally well. My heart and emotions were touched. The Playhouse is a definite “find”..tucked away in a period building…quaint intimate setting. I highly recommend this play. The subject matter is tender yet profound…and speaks to issues far deeper than their outward appearance.” ♥ Yvonne Evans

“By turns hilarious, moving, thought provoking, and challenging… ‘Conversations ‘Bout the Girls’ is an entertaining blend of stories” ♥ Mary Mallory, The Tolucan Times

LittleGirls“Sonia Jackson has created a community of women with similar experiences and perhaps similar fears and shame. Every woman will recognize herself in some part of the performance, which ranges from stories of size (too much, too little) to function (breastfeeding and foreplay) to dysfunction (mammograms, breast cancer, loss). Ms. Jackson, in this thoughtfully written piece, raises our awareness of the unrealistic standards for women’s bodies that pop culture and mass media present as the “norm” – a lean, mean, trim and thin body with large firm round breasts. The actors on stage deal with the fact that every woman has issues with her truth, her body, her norm.” ♥ Carole Schor

“…immediately captivated by the honesty and reality of the characters” “the passion and brilliant articulation of ‘Conversations ‘Bout the Girls’ reaches beyond body parts…” ♥ Robyn Rice Olmstead, Entertainment WeeklyHeadlights

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